He may be a liberal, but he won’t stand for waste or mismanagement. He may say “nobody out-progressives me,” but he wants to be known as a prudent, practical progressive.

“Under the leadership of Phil Mendelson, the DC Council has consistently voted to expand the education budget, often over the mayor’s recommendation. He has also brought stability after a raucous, scandal-filled period that resulted in tremendous turnover on the council and even some prison sentences. On a policy level, Mr. Mendelson also coordinated the District’s minimum wage increases with our neighboring Maryland counties to limit the number of District employers who might move there to save money. He led the council to make our income taxes among the most progressive in the country. . . . Mr. Mendelson’s leadership has helped usher in continued improvements to our finances, which are now considered to be among the most solid of any large city in the country. . . . We urge Democratic voters to nominate Mr. Mendelson for another four-year term in next week’s primary.”

District Dig – The Pragmatist

By Jeffrey Anderson
June 7, 2018

Phil Mendelson chairs the D.C. Council with an even hand. His “plainspoken geniality and polite attentiveness,” his supporters say, is just what the Council needs to keep the District moving in a positive, progressive direction.

Phil Mendelson was first elected to the D.C. Council in 1998, and in 2012 was elevated to Council Chairman — making him the city’s second-most powerful elected official.

The New York Times – DC’s Council Chairman Phil Mendelson Places Affordable Housing “Front and Center” of City’s Agenda

By Eugene L. Meyer
June 5, 2018

After decades of divestiture and population decline, “now the city’s a very popular place to be, which is great, what everybody wants, except it comes with collateral challenges,” said Phil Mendelson, the chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia. “Affordable housing is front and center.”

"No race is more critical than that for chairman of the D.C. Council."

The Georgetowner – Steady wins the race: Mendelson for DC Council Chair

By the Editors

June 7, 2018

"His is an important position for the District that Mendelson fills with careful consideration, a sense of balance and fiscal responsibility. We support his reelection."
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