As Chairman of the Council, at least until the end of 2012, public education falls directly under Phil’s oversight. With a daughter in Alice Deal Middle School, Phil has a personal interest in the District’s public educational institutions and he feels passionately about the need for public schools to do a better job overall. Phil rarely misses an opportunity to talk about public schools.

“This city has a duty and an obligation to improve public education. There’s a lot of spin that you hear — because … “Well we’re doing better.” Well, maybe we’re doing better, but I think that we’re doing so miserably that I really don’t think there is anything to celebrate. … Roughly half of our kids are not where they should be at grade level [proficiency]. … We’re going to lose another generation of kids.

“Education is the opportunity by which our youngest generation can succeed and achieve and realize the American Dream and be whatever they want to be. But if we fail them, then they don’t realize that dream.”

12 September 2012; Phil Addresses Education at a recent public forum

Phil knows that the future success of the District is tied to a quality educational system and as Chairman he will make fiscal discipline for DCPS a priority.

Phil discusses the public school budget and libraries.

Phil on school perfromance, school capacity and facility closures and the Illinois report.

Phil&Addy2012His investment in public education is personal — his nine-year-old daughter, Adelaide (right), attends her in-boundary DCPS school. Phil knows that our schools — both traditional and charter schools — are only as successful as their principal, teachers, and the parent community that supports them. He has fought to protect funding for the classroom and worked to block efforts to politicize the school system. He will continue to advocate for clear lines of accountability, for greater parental involvement, and a stable strategy for reform.