We Won!

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Campaign events, News

As you may have already seen, Phil won last night’s election with 81% of the vote.

What is truly remarkable is that despite the unprecedented barrage of negative attacks that targeted him, Phil actually won by ten percent more than he did in a “cleaner” election in 2012.

At a time when many locally and nationally view politics with skepticism, Phil’s victory demonstrates that there is still room in the world for dedicated public servants.

As we said on Twitter yesterday, Phil’s “Phil-osophy” is to put people first, listen, keep your word, get out in the community, details matter, never pander, and love DC. It is heartwarming to see these simple principles win out decisively over cynical and false attack politics.

On behalf of Phil and the campaign, I would like to thank each and every person who gathered signatures, hosted or attended a meet-and-greet, made a donation, spread good word-of-mouth, worked the polls, or voted yesterday. In an election cycle where some spent seven figures on their races, and where possibly six figures were spent targeting us, we ran a modest and reasonable “people’s campaign,” and were rewarded by a large margin of victory for a good and decent man.

Of course, the election is not over, and the campaign will continue through the general election in November. We will keep our communications to a minimum in the interim, but we will also reach out to you when needed.

So, thanks once again for everything you did. Now, on to the general election!


Josh Gibson
Campaign Manager
josh@philmendelson.com (preferred)
202-549-7892 (if necessary)