What is the truth behind recent political attack ads?

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Issues, News

In the final week before the election, attacks have been launched against Phil. In a political environment that’s filled with misleading negative campaigns, it is important for voters to know the facts:

The attack ads say Phil cut 400 officers. Not true. During 2005-2012, when Phil chaired the Council’s Public Safety Committee, the number of MPD officers grew from 3,768 to 3,865. In April 2011, Phil opposed the Mayor’s budget because it would have allowed the number of police officers to drop below 3,800. In January 2013, Phil supported an initiative to fund 4,000 sworn officers. Today there are 4,008.

The attack ads claim he is soft on gun violence, but nobody in office has done more over the past decade to preserve gun control in the District than Phil. After the Supreme Court struck down our law in 2008, Phil Mendelson rewrote it – maintaining registration, closing loopholes, and strengthening penalties.

DC has a sex offender registry (DC Law 13-137). What Phil blocked were controversial amendments proposed in 2011. Much of the controversy was over the impact of requiring juveniles to register. As of today, 33 states still have not adopted the controversial amendments.

The Council increased the salary of the Chairman to $190,000 in December, 2006.
Phil became chairman in June, 2012.

Phil annually discloses the fact that he owns Pepco stock (and other stocks) in public filings, and has done so since 1999. The current value is about $15,000. Phil is a strong advocate for disclosure.

The attack ads say he does. But as the attackers know from their own public records request, the former (white) employee’s complaint was dismissed in 2006 by the Office of Human Rights, and Phil was completely vindicated. The OHR explicitly found “no probable cause” that there was discrimination.

As reported at the time in public disclosures with the Office of Campaign Finance, Phil’s 2006 and 2010 campaigns received $12,000 and $15,000, respectively, from Jeffrey Thompson’s donor network. Phil also reported this information to the U.S. Attorney two years ago.